Attending for the 1st time? Welcome!

Glad to have you. Here's a bit of information to help you to know what to expect when attending.

Atmosphere - Our space includes a large, open space set up with slings, one or two smaller rooms with slings and a long bench, and an outdoor back patio space that is set up based on weather conditions/seasons. We light it up on the darker side, play deep house, house, and tech-house music at a good volume and have up to 45-55 pigs show up each month for the four-hour session. 

Amenities - We supply light snacks and refreshments, slings, gloves, paper towels, pads, and a great atmosphere! We also have a free clothes-check (tips only).

What you should bring - Bring your own lube! Very important if you are bottoming. bring poppers. If you're one to maybe need to "touch-up", bring a towel and a shower wand. We do have a shower on site (ask clothes-check person) that is used only for touching up if you bring your own shower wand. 

Etiquette - A few things you should know to make everyone's experience awesome. 

Play with pads on the slings and under the buckets to keep lube off of both for safety. Leave sling set and ready for the next guests.

Wipe your bottoms butt when you're done so they're ready to get up and not drip on the floor. 

Don't take a sling unless you have someone to play with as available slings are hard to find during peak times.