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Other Upcoming Events ...

Kink Swap At Sanctuary

July 20th, 11am - 4:00pm.  Upgrade to larger toys. Buy new fetish and kink gear/wear. $5.00 at door.

Vendors, members, adn  guests with tons of extras, contact us to register to sell your items. Buy-sell-trade!

Be sure you're on our email list or sign up at top of this page!

Upcoming Fisting-101 Workshops

July 14th - For straight, bi, trans, etc. Tix go on sale soon so tell your curious friends!


September 8th - For male-presenting guests only. Tix on sale in August so be sure you're on our email list at the top of this page!


Many topics covered such as hole-prep, safety, tips and techniques, tec. This is followed by a hands-on live demo for all attendees to 'try their hand' at it as a top and bottom. Worshops limited to 20.

Buy Red Hanky Club Tickets Here! - Getting warmer so back patio should have more play!

Sunday, June 16th

5:00pm to 9:00pm

Sanctuary Studios